2022 Photography Review

This time last year I wrote that 2021 had been a gradual return to normality, but certainly hadn't been normal. What's remarkable about 2022 is how quickly Covid has faded away as an issue, certainly one that I spend any time worrying about. I travelled to Berlin for a few days in Easter, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for a wonderful four week summer break in August (leaving the continent for the first time since my trip to Peru, Bolivia and Chile in 2019), and Poland in October to visit a friend. Here are some of my favourite images from my year of travel.

Dresden was a nice town to briefly visit on the way to Bad Schandau. I shot the first shot walking back over the bridge over the Elbe after visiting the impressive Museum of Military History. The second, third and fourth shots were all taken on a day I had to myself in Berlin. I'm increasingly drawn to black and white, and the third shot of the Berliner Fernsehturm is probably my favourite of the year (I have another version in portrait that I also like).

The first shot was taken from our dinner table overlooking a beach on the wonderful island of Palau Redang. The others are all from weird and wonderful Singapore. The Gardens by the Bay are a photogenic and frankly bizarre experience, with a light show set to classical music. Then there's the iconic Marina Bay Sands, and the even more fantastic Jewel shopping centre at Singapore Changi Airport. The final shot - inspired by Elia Locardi's videos - is taken near the Helix Bridge on the other side of the Marina Bay Sands hotel to the first.

I didn't have my DSLR or lenses with me in Poznan, but was really pleased with the collection of photos I took with my phone. This is one of the simplest, an obvious composition in black and white, but I like it.

2023 promises more travel than I've done since 2018 and 2019 - with a possible trip to Kerala at Easter, a more likely trip to Ecuador and Colombia in the summer, a definite (work) trip to Japan in October and hopefully something at Christmas 2023 too. We'll see!