3 - Family at Jaisalmer Train Station (9th November 2014)

Untitled photo

The girl in the white T-shirt, in the centre of this frame, was the orchestrator of this photo. Her insistence to get a photo taken was sweet, even more so considering she didn't actually want us in it! Throughout my two weeks in India people had been keen to take photos, either with me or more often with my girlfriend. Yet this was the most heartwarming encounter we had, on the platform at Jaisalmer train station, both us and them preparing for an overnight journey that would whisk us away to another part of India. For us it would be waking up in the chaotic, smoggy mess that is Agra. For them - I honestly can't remember. I asked the girl to write down her family address so that we could send a copy of the picture to them. She did, and we did - but we never heard whether or not they received it. One can only hope.